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Winter Emergency Period Lifted in Ireland 2023

The Government decided not to extend the eviction ban that has been in place since October 30th, 2022 covering “the winter emergency period” beyond its planned expiry on March 31st, 2023.  The ban was introduced to try and help with a shortage in rental properties and the expected increase in homelessness over the winter period.

This ban meant that the landlord would have to give an extended notice period to the tenant if they decided to terminate the tenancy.

A landlord can now issue a notice of termination if a tenant is not paying their rent on time or if the landlord intends to sell the property within nine months or needs the property for their own use or for an immediate family member. Landlords can issue a notice if the landlord plans to change the use of the property, from residential to office use for example, or if they intend to refurbish the property substantially.

Notice periods for each tenancy can be found in a previous blog post or on the RTB website

If you are a tenant or landlord and need advice please feel free to contact the office.