Advice for Tenants

At Kearney & Co. we are renowned for matching tenants to properties that they love! We will find the right property for you – just tell us exactly what you are looking for.

Searching? Let us help you . . .

  • We listen to you and your specific wish list
  • We will find you a property that suits your needs and your pocket
  • Our office on Commercial Quay is open 5 days a week and throughout lunch. However, we are available to you 6 days a week.
  • We arrange viewing times to suit you and not us
  • We have strict procedures in place to make sure all our properties are in good condition
  • We liaise with the landlord so you don’t have to
  • We take care of all administrative and legal documentation

Moving In . . .

  • We will welcome you to the new property and provide instruction on appliances, equipment etc. and advise on services
  • We will require:
  • Photographic Identification e.g. passport, driving licence
  • Two written references from a previous landlord, your employer or from your bank or building society.
  • PPS Numbers for each tenant
  • Current or previous addresses for the past 3 year
  • Details of current or previous landlord
  • Details of current employer
  • If paying monthly, funds for one months’ deposit and one months’ rent in advance
  • If paying weekly, funds for 4 weeks’ deposit and one weeks’ rent in advance.
  • Where tenants are in receipt of social welfare payments, a written note is required from social welfare offices authorising deposits and weekly payments. This note must specify the amount and the place at which payments are to be made. Tenants are responsible for any shortfall in the deposit and rent-in-advance, and must also pay the balance of the weekly rent due.
  • If we are managing the property, we will need your bank details to set up a standing order for rent payments
  • Following approval from the landlord, a Lease signing will occur in the property or at our offices where all tenants must attend.
  • If you have not rented before you may be asked to arrange a “Guarantor”.  This is someone who agrees to abide by all of the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, including the payment of rent, but has no right to live at the property.
  • We advise that you take out your own contents insurance to cover your personal possessions

Moving Out . . .

When the time comes for you to move out of the property, we will be on hand to assist you and advise you to do the following:

  • Make an appointment with Kearney & Co or your landlord to arrange a check-out and to hand over the keys.
  • To ensure that all contents are in their original condition, you should:
  • Clean all windows and interior window frames and ledges must be wiped clean throughout.
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Wash all washable wall surfaces and make sure they are dust, dirt and stain free
  • Clean all skirting boards
  • Wash, iron and re-hang net curtains. Heavy curtains to be professionally cleaned, if stained.  Venetian blinds should be left dust free.
  • Carpeted floors to be vacuumed and professionally cleaned if stained.
  • Tiled and wooden floors to be washed.
  • All wooden furniture to be dust free and polished, if required.
  • Cooker to be cleaned thoroughly with an appropriate oven cleaner. Do not forget shelves in the oven, the glass door, grill pan, oven trays and to change extractor hood filter. Do not use chemical cleaner on self-cleaning panels.
  • Clean microwave inside and out.
  • Refrigerators and freezers should be defrosted and wiped out.  The door must be left open to prevent mould and the appliance switched off.
  • Baths, toilets, showers screens, hand basins and kitchen sinks must be cleaned.
  • Mattress and pillow protectors must be washed.
  • The garage, if applicable, should be swept out.
  • The garden, if applicable, should be left in a clean and tidy condition with borders recently dug and lawns cut.
  • Washing machine soap dispenser must be washed and cleaned.
  • Vacuum cleaner bags to be emptied and filters cleaned.
  • All lampshades to be dust free and light bulbs replaced where necessary.
  • All rubbish/food, unwanted items of furniture/belongings, must be removed from the property/garden and placed in the dustbin provided for collection.  If this is not carried out charges may be incurred for the clearing of rubbish after the tenancy has ended.
  • Arrangements should be made for post to be redirected/forwarded automatically as Kearney & Co, the landlord or the new occupants will not be responsible for the redirection of post.
  • A forwarding address must be provided.
  • Standing orders should be cancelled.
  • Meters must be read and suppliers given notice of the final date of your tenancy and final meter readings.


If you have fulfilled all the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, have carried out the tasks listed above and have remained in the property for the full term agreed, then your deposit will be returned to you at the end of the tenancy. Only a partial deposit or in some instances, no deposit will be returned if the following occurs:

  • If contents are damaged or missing
  • If furniture, carpets or fixtures and fittings are broken, contain burn marks etc.
  • If a professional cleaner is required due to the property being left in a dirty or unacceptable state
  • If you leave the property prior to the expiry date stated in the Letting Agreement

Note that the landlord reserves the right to pursue the tenant, through the Private Rights Tenancy Board (PRTB), for unpaid rent if you vacate early or for compensation for any damage caused.