Tips to Sell Your Home

  • Set the price right. If it’s too high it won’t sell. If it’s too low, you may get a quick sale but regret it. We will assist you in setting the right price.
  •  Try to create a blank canvas for buyers as it will make it easier for them to picture what they can do with the house. If you decide that some of the rooms need a coat of paint, keep the colours neutral.
  •  Create a good first impression. Ensure that the front garden is neat and tidy and that the front elevation of the house, at least, is well maintained – particularly the front door! A hanging basket or a plant by the front door can make a big difference to a buyers first impressions.
  •  Tidy up! Clutter really does make a house look smaller. A tidy house has the feel of a much larger one. Think about any unnecessary furniture as well. If in doubt – get it out!
  •  Ensure all rooms are fresh smelling. Homebuyers use all their senses when getting the ‘feel’ of your home. Clean all curtains and carpets to ensure freshness. There’s a lot of truth in the old idea of creating freshly baked bread and a pot of fresh coffee creating a sense of welcome and warmth for buyers. Fresh, fragrant flowers throughout the house create the same effect.
  •  Have at the ready a portfolio of documents that any serious potential buyer may want to see. Electricity bills, gas bills, any guarantees of damp proofing or any evidence of remedial work etc.
  •  Know who your perspective buyers might be and tailor the house to suit that market. For example, is your home more suited to professionals sharing or families etc.
  •  Make sure that each room has one purpose and not several so that potential buyers can instantly recognise the identity of each room.
  •  Ensure pets and all evidence of pets are out of view.