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Reasons Why You Should Think About Selling Now

Motivated Buyers

With summer coming to an end, buyers are more eager than ever to get into their new homes. For a lot of people Christmas is a deadline when it comes to buying a house, especially those with kids who want to be settled in before the Christmas Holidays. Buyers are really looking to go sale agreed on the house sooner rather than later. Making the market more competitive, which is ideal for those wishing to sell their house.


Schools can be a massive factor to consider for a lot of buyers. School enrolments generally begin in February so most buyers with kids will hope to have a property before this time to give them time to find suitable schools in the area.

Major Shortage

Spring and Autumn are the two most popular times for selling and this year especially there is a real shortage of quality properties.  This guarantees great interest and therefore, excellent prices.

Show Off The Cosy Features

Some features in properties can stand out more when the weather isn’t as good as the summer months.  It can emphasise the importance of features such as a good BER rating, good heating system, stoves and the overall quality of the building work.

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