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Free Appraisal of Your Property

We like Selling.  It sounds cliched but it’s true and that is who you need working for you.

John Kearney and Ken Murphy have vast experience in the sales trade, not just in housing but in all aspects of retail and recruitment. We understand the psychology of the sales process and are constantly striving to learn and improve on that. We both have the same philosophy when it comes to putting our clients first and we ensure that this is the same philosophy with anyone else that works with us.

We remember and always respect that ‘we work for you’ not the other way around.  Contact us for your free appraisal today.

  • All our valuations are done by reason of Knowledge, Research and Experience.
  • We take pride in our marketing, we will put you on all platforms available and we constantly review this and take the necessary steps to improve viewings
  • Constant communication so you know what is happening with your sale.
  • Competitive Fee Structure
  • We recognise that our portfolio is smaller than some agents, but this allows us to dedicate more time to each of our sales properties.
  • Advice given throughout the Sales Process, we will walk you through it and have contacts that will help in all aspects from Presentation, Surveys, BERs and even Removals.
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Realistic Pricing Essential when Selling Property have recently released their 3rd Quarter House Price Report.  We have noted some interesting points:

We see that there is a year on year increase on house prices in Wexford of 7.5% but only a 1.5% increase on prices from last Quarter. Prices are stabilising.

Essentially this is why we are encouraging realistic pricing. We always want the best price for our clients but encourage a price that the property will actually sell for.

This policy has been very effective for us and our clients this year.  To that end, we now urgently need new stock!

So contact us today for your free appraisal and get your property on the market now.

Read the full report.

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Reasons we love life in Wexford – because Wexford has it all!

Kearney Property, Hook Lighthouse

Ken Murphy, born and bred in Wexford, is a real ambassador for his home town and tells us his reasons why he thinks Wexford is the perfect place to live. . .

“What’s not to love about living in Wexford.  It’s known as ‘The Sunny Southeast’, and the sunshine provides us with the best fruit and vegetables on our doorsteps.  I travel a lot around the country and there are always signs for ‘Wexford Strawberries and Wexford Potatoes to be seen everywhere.’  We have amazing beaches, forests and wildlife reserves where we can enjoy our sunshine but that are also spectacular during Winter time.

Economically, Wexford isn’t a bad place to live either.  Rosslare Europort provides a gateway to Europe.  It is a great shopping town, it has high employment, several new schools and is the headquarters of many global companies.

We have huge and varied sports clubs – GAA, soccer, rugby, horse racing, tennis and boat clubs to name but a few, along with many stunning golf clubs.

Our cultural participation is vast.  We have the National Opera House in our town which hosts the world renowned Opera Festival.  This in turn brings about many fringe events and also the Spiegeltent Festival to our stunning quay front.  We have all sorts of music festivals, we have several drama festivals and we have many traditional Irish musicians that are renowned throughout the country.

Add to all that the pubs, clubs and restaurants . . . what a place!  I think I shall never leave!”

Ken Murphy, Sales & Lettings Negotiator

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The Best Time of Year to Sell Houses? Now!

Kearney Property, spring flowers

CSO figures show that homes put up for sale in Ireland during spring tend to sell twice as quickly as homes put on the market at other times of the year.

Doesn’t everything look nicer in spring? And that applies to homes too.  We have more sunshine hours, we are cleaning up after winter, grass is lush, flowers are blooming and so properties tend to look more appealing.

In summer, many people are busy with family holidays and organising childcare for when schools are closed.  People are busier, so summer is often not as good a time to sell as spring.

In winter, the weather is miserable and gardens look miserable.  With Christmas to think about, most people are focused on other things.

So spring is the prime property selling season in Ireland!  That is why at Kearney & Co, we are offering a free appraisal of your home if you are thinking of putting it on the market.

We will meet with you at your home, give you an indication of the selling price and give you our honest feedback on what might increase its value.  This appraisal is free and you are under no obligation to proceed with the sale but you will be fully informed to make the right decision for you.

For your free appraisal, contact us.

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How to Move House!

Kearney Property, Moving home

We’ve all heard that moving house can be one of the most stressful things we’ll ever do.  Not anymore!  Here are our top tips to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Have a Big Clear-Out
Be ruthless.  Don’t take up costly space in a removals van by transporting items you don’t need.  Well in advance, pack up clothes, books, kitchenware etc. that you no longer use and bring them to your favourite charity shop.  You may even make some money for certain items that may be saleable on classifieds websites.

Source Cardboard Boxes
Before you buy boxes, think about how you can source them otherwise.  Many workplaces and shops are happy to give away boxes – it saves them having to dispose of them.

Start Immediately with Items you won’t need
Pack items that will definitely not be needed before the move, such as ornaments, seasonal clothes or attic items.  Allocate a space to stack your packed boxes.

Use the Right Sized Box
Don’t pack heavy items, such as hard-backed books, into a large box.  It will only be half full when it’s already too heavy to lift.

Pack by Room or Pack by Category?
The age-old advice is to pack everything room by room.  This may not be the best approach depending on how you will be unpacking in your new home. Will the mirror in your hallway be in the hallway in your new home – or in a different room altogether?  It may work better for you to pack by category.  For example, pack all the pictures from the entire house together, toys together, books together etc.

Love Labels
Label the top and sides of all boxes so that you can identify any box, regardless of how they are stacked.  Label your boxes by both category and room, e.g. Books Kitchen and Books Bedroom.

Protect Fragile Items
Bubble wrap will be your best friend for fragile items.  Stuff it inside these items and wrap it around them.  Line the boxes of fragile items with your towels or blankets.

Pack Dishes Vertically
Most of us would stack plates and dishes on top of one another.  They are less likely to break if after they have been wrapped that they are placed into a box on their sides like records.  Then fill the empty spaces in between with bubble wrap.

Cover Liquid Bottles
Put, for example, shampoo bottles individually into Ziploc bags.  That way if it bursts or the lid comes loose during transportation, the liquid is contained in the bag.

The average house has multiple TV’s, tablets, phones etc.  Put their cables into individual Ziploc bags and label them.  Take photos before you unplug them.  Set-up will be much simpler that way.

Employing a Removals Company?
When the movers arrive, show them around pointing out everything that has to go, emphasizing fragile or heavy items. Once you have done this, stay out of their way!  Have one person at the front door of your new home directing the movers as to where each box goes.

Relying on Friends or Family?
Give at least a couple of weeks’ notice if you are asking other people to help you.  You have a much better chance of getting people on board to help and less of a chance of being let down.

Pack a Box of Supplies
Light bulbs, toilet rolls, soap, cleaning products and coffee! Think about what you’ll need for your first night and pack them separately.

Pack a Suitcase
Moving day will be a very long day.  Make life simpler by packing a suitcase with all the items you would need for a weekend away!  Clothes, toiletries, towels, pyjamas – after a long day, you won’t want to be going to various boxes to find these essential items.

Keep Important Documents with you
Accidents happen and the last thing you want is to lose an important document like a passport, medical card etc. Pack a separate bag or briefcase that contain all of your most important documents.


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We’re Hiring!

We are currently recruiting a Negotiator based in our new Gorey branch office, opening in Spring 2018.  The role will involve liaising with commercial and residential property vendors and purchasers; and also with landlords and tenants.

The ideal candidate must have:

  • local property market knowledge
  • PSRA licence or be progressing towards same
  • ability to work on own initiative, particularly in the area of acquiring housing stock
  • excellent organisational and communication skills
  • excellent I.T. skills
  • own transport

Remuneration will commensurate with experience.

Apply with C.V. to John Kearney, or call John on 083-3341884.

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Central Bank Review of Mortgage Rules

The Central Bank has decided not to change the core elements of its mortgage rules after it conducted a recent review of all measures.

The regulator said the loan-to-income and loan-to-value limits will remain unchanged for next year.

However, minor amendments have been made to the mortgages that can be issued outside of the lending restrictions.

Currently, first-time buyers can borrow up to 90% of the value of a property, with a limit of 3.5 times their incomes.  This will remain unchanged for 2018.

Second and subsequent buyers can borrow up to 80% of the value of a property.  Banks are allowed to make exceptions to this rule in 20% of cases.  From January, this will be reduced to 10% of cases.

The equivalent exception rate for first-time buyers remains at 20% of cases.

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Reasons we love life in Wexford – Family Life!

Sarah tells us why Wexford is a great place in which to live and to raise a family. . .

Moving the family to Wexford 11 years ago was one of the best decisions we ever made.  We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to bring up our family in this beautiful county, in a safe and happy environment.

Wexford has everything a family could ever wish for, miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, forests, an amazing Opera House, theatres, festivals, restaurants, great shopping and much more.

Because of all Wexford has to offer, our children will grow up being able to sail, swim, play rugby, tennis etc. and will take these skills and memories of their childhood with them into their adult years.  Memories they will hopefully, treasure forever!

Sarah Kearney, Finance Director

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Irish Water to Refund 990,000 Households

Irish Water will soon begin the process of refunding approximately 990,000 households who paid their water charges.

The Government recently passed the early stages of the Water Services Bill and so, we can expect to receive our refunds in the coming months.

Irish water have set up a new section on their website that provides full information relating to these refunds.  Here, you can check how much of a refund you are due and what to do if you’ve changed address.  Questions are also answered in relation to the Conservation Grant and states that the amount of the grant will not be deducted from the refund.  Visit

Refunding water charges will cost the Exchequer in the region of €178m, including administrative costs of €5.87m.